Typical Challenges

Typical Challenges

Applying LOGIS Metals Solution enables companies to increase Customer Delivery Performance, while achieving high operational excellence. Our clients can supply their customers with short delivery times, high due-date performance, and benefit from positive economical effects.

Customer Delivery Performance

  • Improved Due Date Performance
  • Reduced Delivery Lead Times
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Improved Information Service

Operational Excellence

  • Increased Throughput
  • Increased Inventory Turns
  • Improved Prime Yield
  • Economical Effects Improvement

Raising the pressure on companies’ competitive abilities

The society we live in is referred to as an information society. The speed of life is increasing, the strong ones grow faster and faster, the weak ones are out of the game faster and faster. The environment of the information society offers more and more opportunities to use one’s competitive advantages, but at the same time it is more difficult to hide the competitive disadvantages. Companies find out that there is more emphasis on quality management. The ability to find the best solution quickly is valued in gold.

Promptness, reliability and delivery flexibility …

The market is uncompromising. Long gone are the times when the companies had their own market territories which were very hard to enter from outside. For a long time it has not been enough to just produce and deliver a product which is simply „high quality“. Everyone now knows the quality, and those who do not lose out quickly. Quality has become a condition as a matter of fact. When judging a supplier, their reliability, promptness and flexibility are the criteria that count more and more. It is these criteria that play an even greater role in evaluating the so called delivery performance.

Minimizing the cost...

The growth of the delivery performance is not to be paid for by a high price. On the contrary, raising the delivery performance must at the same time enable further lowering of the cost. It is therefore necessary to find such ways which shall enable the company to improve their operational parameters, their operation excellence. Hand in hand with the growth of speed, reliability and flexibility in delivering, there shall also appear lowering of the stock supply, raising the capacity of orders and minimizing the production cost. However ambitious this goal may seem, in practice we meet more and more companies which prove that this is possible and they reap their harvest thanks to their higher competitive strength.

We inspire with the best…

These days there is practically no really important company in any field which would not have a project for developing the management efficiency in their arsenal of strategic development programs. The best ones have realized that raising the delivery performance and operation excellence is first and foremost a matter of raising the management efficiency and that management efficiency is to a great extent determined by quality of planning. These companies have designed and they have been continuously improving such procedures in which they apply highly efficient planning technologies which enable them to design plans of extra quality. The plans acquired in this way are increasingly used for managing. The projects focused on advanced planning (APS) and supply chain management (SCM) are undoubtedly very demanding projects. However, the results that the best ones achieve generate respect and they shift the benchmark of customers’ expectancy in certain fields even higher.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling Solutions

Explore how LOGIS solutions can help your company to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency and customer delivery performance.

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