Professional Services

Professional Services

The LOGIS services cover all the phases of activities the goals achievement is bound to.

Opportunity Diagnostic

Diagnostic Scan

Two or three day site survey, designed to uncover major opportunities. Includes high level benchmark assessment.

Opportunity Assessment

Two week engagement. Deliverables: current SCM performance assessment, improvement scope and high level solution design, target KPIs, high level project plan and ROI estimate.

Proof of Concept

Model built with customer data to agreed subset of final functionality.

Solution Implementation

Project Planning

Develop comprehensive and detailed scope definition and project plan, including timeline, resource requirements, and deliverables for each business release.

Solution Design

Detailed workflow design, model functionality specification, integration design, metrics definition.

Project Management

Project team design, task specification and assignment, communication co-ordination, resource co-ordination, status reporting and change control.

Model Design, Development and Tuning

APS model configuration and development, model testing and user acceptance, model performance tuning.

Training and Implementation

User training, user manual documentation, workflow and integration testing, contingency planning, user acceptance testing, software implementation, system stabilization.

Routine operation
and continuous improvement support

Model Maintenance

Patch releases as required.

Critical Assistance Support

On-line logging of support cases. Availability of 24-7 support for critical problems.

System Audit

Annual audit of APS workflows including business process, model performance, results achieved, improvement opportunities.

New Product Releases

Periodic new releases of software products with improved UI, functionality, or performance.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling Solutions

Explore how LOGIS solutions can help your company to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency and customer delivery performance.

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