Metals Industry Production Planning Solution

Production Planning & Scheduling

Production planning ensures a high level of operational efficiency and customer service – it allows an economic, reliable and manageable order fulfillment process operation.

Goals of Production Planning and Scheduling

An efficient planning process with quality outputs has to be supported by powerful tools for production planning and scheduling, able of processing tens of thousands of manufacturing orders and material items, adaptable to business environment of the given enterprise and able to quickly provide highly valuable base for efficient order fulfillment process operation.

LOGIS Metals Solution is a group of industry-specific products for advanced planning and scheduling of metallurgical companies.

Line Balancing

Line Balancing is the daily process of orchestrating the flow of orders and material through complex Metals manufacturing facilities, such that an optimized balance is achieved among the three primary business goals: customer delivery performance, asset utilization, and inventory control.

The Production Planning solution significantly improves the ability of metals companies to establish and maintain load balance for production on critical assets. The quality of production plans and schedules has a considerable impact on the utilization of key assets, smooth material flow through the plant, and accuracy of order promising.

Production Planning helps the planner to balance the three major goals of production planning:

Goals of Capacity Planning

The Production Planning solution is designed for demanding planning environments. It enables true multi-user planning and scheduling, allowing teams of planners to collaborate on developing seamless production plans.

Material Allocation

Material Allocation is the continuous process of assigning unassigned material to open orders.

The efficiency of order fulfillment depends primarily on the work of planners. Ensuring that order fulfillment uses all available resources is one of the key tasks the planners must solve. Unassigned inventory is continuously generated, and represents a resource that must be used efficiently to support order fulfillment. Material Allocation:

  • Enables a continuous and efficient material allocation process
  • Minimizes the costs of storage and manipulation with material
  • Maximizes utilization of unassigned inventory, minimizes over-grading and yield loss
  • Decreases the load on bottleneck production units by utilizing available material

Goals of Material Allocating

For any order and material item, there may be hundreds of attributes that need to be evaluated to ensure feasibility and suitability of the material item for the order. Material Allocation operates with a wide range of matching criteria, enabling it to choose the best fitting material for the given order. Powered by metals-specific allocation optimization technology, Material Allocation helps significantly to improve operational efficiency.

Caster Scheduling

Caster Scheduling is a process of preparing detailed schedules for steel plant operation.

The Caster Scheduling solution is a dedicated planning and scheduling solution for steel plants, allowing the planner to intelligently balance the six major goals of caster scheduling:

  • Minimize order lateness and earliness
  • Maximize tundish length
  • Minimize grade and width transitions within the tundish
  • Minimize stock production
  • Minimize over-grading
  • Control liquid iron inventory

The user may control the relative weights of these goals and the automatic schedule-generating function of Caster Scheduling quickly delivers the corresponding schedule. The schedule may be fine-tuned by hand using the extensive and efficient graphical user interface.

Goals of Caster Scheduling

The Caster Scheduling solution generates an optimized schedule in a few minutes, for any number of casters and ingot teeming facilities. This allows for on-demand scheduling and re-scheduling, thus providing good responsiveness to changing production and commercial circumstances

In actual practice, the selected components are combined to create unique workflows for almost every Metals company, based on their business model, commercial environment, and plant layout. The template also includes a comprehensive Metals KPI structure that supports supply chain performance management.

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