Metals Industry Production Planning Solution

Metals Industry

LOGIS Metals Industry Planning Solution is a set of professional services, powerful tools and practices enabling the client company to significantly increase its competitiveness by improving Operational Efficiency and Customer Delivery Performance.

The solution is divided into the following subsystems, formed by several software applications, while the core of our solution lies in Production Planning & Scheduling:

  • Sales & Operations Planning

    The Sales and Operations Planning process is intended to generate clarity, consensus and accountability regarding the tactical business plan for the enterprise. Clarity is achieved when sales and operational plans are transparent and known to all stakeholders. Consensus is the product of a well designed process where all participants provide their perspective. And accountability means that there is no place to hide: everyone understands their expected contribution to plan execution. >> Learn More

  • Order Book Management

    The point at which customer orders start to arrive marks the transition from product level planning to order based planning. The LOGIS Metals Industry Planning Solution includes three components of Order Book Management: Product Design, Inventory Check, and Order Promising. >> Learn More

  • Production Planning & Scheduling

    Production Planning and Scheduling functions are intended to orchestrate the day to day manufacturing execution process. This daily workflow attempts to manage the progress of thousands of manufacturing orders and tens of thousands of material items through the plant in the most efficient possible way, based on the relative priority of business objectives. >> Learn More

In actual practice, the selected components are combined to create unique workflows for almost every Metals company, based on their business model, commercial environment, and plant layout.

The solution also includes a comprehensive Metals KPI structure that supports supply chain performance management.

Professional Services

Besides revolutionary technology, the reliability of LOGIS solution is based on highly professional, industry-specialized services, which cover the entire life-cycle of a Production Planning project - from opportunity diagnosting, through solution implementation to routine operation and support of conituous improvement process. These services together ensure a reliable and manageable run of all related activities. >> Learn More

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