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  • Alca plast intends to increase its supplier reliability despite the increase in production volume
    High due date performance is a key condition of long-term strengthening of its market position for Alca plast, the biggest producer of sanitary equipment in Central and Eastern Europe. In the course of 2016, the company’s management therefore decided on an investment in an advanced planning project that will create the preconditions for Alca plast to gain the ability to maintain high customer service standard in the long run.
  • VSMPO-AVISMA、LOGIS の新世代 プランニングシステムに着手
  • ARMATURY グループ、プランニング プロセスの変革と顧客サービスの改善に投資
    ARMATURYグループは、企業の競争力向上を目的として、高度生産プランニング システム(APS)を導入します。LOGISは、当プロジェクトのパートナーかつ導入ベンダーであり、エキスパート サービスと高度プランニング技術を提供します。
  • TVDにおけるプランニングプロセスとKPIの改善
    TVD社は、チェコ共和国における最大級の薄板キャビネット製造会社であり、またヨーロッパ全土のエネルギー会社、電話会社、電気工学産業における、これらの製品のキー サプライヤーです。同社は、高度生産プランニング システム(APS)の導入に成功し、2015年前半から、競争力強化による利益を享受しています。
  • Titan giant PSC “VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation” improves customer service
    PSC “VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation”, a titanium producer and the leading supplier for aviation companies like AIRBUS and BOEING, decided to accommodate the requirements of its customers for clearer visibility of its order fulfillment process and to further improve operational efficiency. The corporation will reach these goals by implementing a New Generation Planning project with LOGIS.
  • TVD – Technická výroba is Going to Manage its Production More Efficiently
    TVD - Technická výroba, a.s. is a growing modern company showing regular increases in production volume. To manage this dynamic development and improve its reliability in meeting the delivery dates, the management decided to invest in a project focused on improvement of the order fulfillment process efficiency. Based on a thorough assessment of the potential implementation partners LOGIS was selected.
  • World’s No. 1 in Vinyl Plates Production GZ Media Invests in the Efficiency of Order Fulfillment Process
    GZ Media ranks among the world’s most significant players in media, printing and packing industry. Faced by the fact that success in today’s highly competitive environment necessitates improvement of operational efficiency and customer service, the management decided to implement a project focused on production planning and management advancement. LOGIS was selected as a partner.
  • L D M invests in the improvement of management efficiency and customer service
    In early October 2013 L D M, a major producer of industrial valves with long history of production in Česká Třebová launched a project aimed to improve production economy and L D M ability to execute orders meeting the customers’ needs and wishes. A partner of the project is LOGIS, specializing in provision of expert services and advanced planning technologies.
  • Meopta-optika Focuses Attention on Production Planning
    The prime purpose of the Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling Project launched by Meopta-optika, s.r.o. at the beginning of June 2013 is to improve the company competitiveness. The project will be managed by LOGIS in the capacity of an implementation partner.
  • Production planning in the automotive environment using advanced technologies
    Today already a traditional supplier of moulded panels predominantly for the automotive industry, the company MS technik s.r.o., applies advanced production scheduling (APS) to enhance its operational efficiency. The implementation partner will be the LOGIS company.
  • KONŠTRUKTA – Industry innovates business processes and supporting information technologies
    KONŠTRUKTA – Industry, a manufacturer of process equipment for the tire industry and the processing of explosive materials, has adopted a strategic decision to implement a project aimed at streamlining of the job order processing and improvement of its information technology support. The project will be implemented together with LOGIS.
  • LOGIS builds New Generation Planning System for Timken
    The Timken Company (OH, USA) became a pioneer of so-called Advanced Planning (APS) in the early nineties by implementing i2 Factory Planner as the very first customer of now legendary i2 Technologies. Today, after twenty years, Timken decided to build a new generation planning system. The partner for realization of this project is the LOGIS company.
  • Timken successfully goes live with LOGIS Caster Scheduler
    Last year, an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software implementation project was carried out at The Timken Company. Since September, the company has utilized LOGIS Caster Scheduler product during routine operation to help achieve its operations goals.
  • MAGO S.A. started to implement advanced production planning and scheduling system
    The company MAGO S.A. offering equipment for sales and stocking premises decided to support the efficiency of its management system and to use the advanced planning and scheduling technology (APS). The implementation partner of this project is LOGIS Company. During the project, which is planned to be completed within 5 months, the implementation of JDA Factory Planner will be carried out.
  • LOGIS Assists Steel Manufacturer in Enhancing Customer Service
    By application of advanced planning technologies, a steel manufacturer with global operations is aiming to reach new levels of Customer Satisfaction and Operational Excellence.
  • Advanced Planning Technology for Efficient Microscope Production Management
    The company TESCAN, a.s., global supplier of instrumentation and scientific device of especially scanning electron microscopes decided to make use of the grant program of the European Union ICT in companies to increase efficiency of planning and customer relationship by means of realization of project of implementation of advanced planning system (APS). The winner of the tender is LOGIS a.s. Within the project it will provide for implementation of JDA Factory Planner system in the upcoming seven months.
  • OMK Implements Advanced Production Planning System
    United Metallurgical Company (OMK)) decided to implement system of advanced production planning. Installation and implementation of the system will be realized by company LOGIS. Project realization should promote further improvement of effective management of ОМК business processes.
  • BAST invests in the increase of efficiency of production planning and management process
    The company BAST, s.r.o., processor and producer of plate parts, weldments and bodies for railway vehicles, will in the following six months implement a project focused on the efficiency increase of planning process using their advanced planning system (APS) i2 Factory Planner. The project will be implemented under the lead of LOGIS company.
  • Global leader in production of professional illumination technology implements a production management and planning with LOGIS
    The company ROBE lighting s.r.o., leading global producer of mobile illumination technology used for illumination of scenes of concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events, initiated a project focused on increase of performance of corporate processes.
  • MSV Metal Studénka solves increasing complexity by application of APS Technologies
    MSV Metal Studénka, a.s., manufacturer of drop forgings and subassemblies for the railway industry significantly reinforced and modernized its production capacities at the turn of 2008 and 2009. Big investment in the production devices however induces changes that increase the complexity of management of order processing procedure. In order to ensure optimum use of the new capacities the company decided to implement concurrently with the investments in the production equipment also the advanced planning project (APS). The partner for implementing the project has on the basis of tender win become the LOGIS company.
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